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Who we are?

We are "me" and sometimes my 18 year old son with a dream.
We don't have deep pockets and this whole legitimate deal was started when my day job eliminated overtime and in order to finance our racing, I had to move my thoughts into action and the real action started.

It has grown and I still have a day job on top of serving my customers. Jan 1st 2019 was my official launch of this webstore per customer request.
I am not an industry giant and I respect the people who have made good names for themselves in this business, I hope to make up for my humble beginning with personalized customer service when desired.
All of these pages were laid out by myself ( a maintenance mechanic in foundry's and commercial heat treats ) along with the help of my techy 14 year old son. If you see a listing that cant be checked for an option or have a need, please ask and i will do what I can to acquire the item and for sure fix my listing.
I look forward to working with you on your projects as well as serving your parts needs.

Some of our services offered (not in our webstore)

Deck "small block gx200 style" block $40

Polish after porting $35 (not recommended especially for gasoline)

Briggs animal pro $1100 to $1400 depending on bolt on's minus clutch

Briggs LO206 $600 to $900 depending on bolt on's and set up

Legend car (open) 1200, please ask

Other builds that you cant find a shop for (Ask)

You took it apart and now its just a box of parts that needs to be put together?

I tend to approach those as a time and materials thing assuming all the parts are there. I am not opposed to working with you in situations like this but I can not  give an estimate because I dont know... However you will be in the loop and there will be NO surprises when it comes to your bill. 

What we like

We like the odd, the ridiculous, the unusual and the weird. We like to go fast and we for sure like it when you loose to us. I enjoy being as my dad called it childish because I dont ever want to "grow up". 


We focus on engines and all things that are considered abnormal when it comes to fuel burning power. I try to keep bigger selling items in stock for small engines such as clones, predators and animals but people are always asking for special orders items


I primarily focus on the things that the shops dont touch, including old motorcycles that no dealers want anything to do with. Just ask, we may just be interested in working with you on your project

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