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     These are only suggested builds with budgets or possible            good combos that from my experience work well

 Be AWARE billet flywheels are ALWAYS suggested for any                                                       build

Basic Budget external

196/212cc OHV

.033, .035, .037 main jets

.021, .023 low speed jets


Open air filter

Air filter adapter


8 deg flywheel key for stock flywheel

10.8 racing springs like Dyno green or red stripe


One up basic budget

196/212cc OHV

Small cam such as the cl1, cl2 or cl3 (please ask if needed)

Billet or Dyno PVL flywheel 

Correct key for flywheel (4 deg for PVL and stock key for Billet)

Mill head .060 or milled .060 head

10.8 racing springs like Dyno green or red stripe

I want to go faster!

196/212 cc OHV 


Cam such as the Dyno CS or Mod2 

22 pound springs

Bored stock carb with .025 low and .038 main jets

Flywheel (and correct key)

Milled/ported/stainless 25/27 mm valve head combo

Air filter

Air filter adapter

Billet rod

8000 plus rpm all around fun 196/212cc OHV

Bigger cam such as the Dyno 308 

32 or 36 pound dual springs

Stainless valve, milled/ported (25/27 mm or 25/28.5 mm) head

Bored stock or larger carb

Billet rod

Billet or PVL flywheel

Custom combos are available or can be gotten, please ask because not everyone wants a fire breather and not everyone wants a stocker. I realize that and want to see you get the correct combo for both your needs as well as your pocket.

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