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Dukar 212 tank on engine CS stock carb built

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We will start with a dukar 212 engine and then build from there. It will include the following in the standard build and the dyno sheet shown is an example of what this kind of build can do (keep in mind testing data may change slightly with weather).

Dukar 212 engine

Billet rod

CS .265 dyno cam

22 pound valve springs

.050 fire ring gasket

Milled .060 and ported head with 24/27mm valves

5.750 long chromoly pushrods

4 deg key

Dyno pvl die-cast aluminum flywheel

Bored stock carburetor (VM22 option available and that should add about 1 or more hp esspecially in the top end

Stock carb filter adapter

Stock style throttle hook up plate

This engine will run on premium gas and should give VERY good service as well as fun for the guy who wants a way better engine without killing his wallet.

PLEASE allow up to 4 weeks ship time on these builds depending on work load

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