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Predator Hemi 212 "THE STOCKER" Build

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The base of this engine and some parts are subject to availability so please message before buying. PLEASE allow up to 3-4 weeks ship time on these builds depending on work load.

The "Stocker" starts out as a hemi predator 212 engine with the idea that we will fool someone into thinking its nothing special so we try to make it look "lame" in a sense. Here is what we end up doing on this dont believe what you see package.

The head is ported, milled .065", stainless 25/28.5 valves with 60 pound dual springs, pockets cut, Fj1200 steel retainers and locks or equivalent, and lash caps.

Reinforced stock rocker arms

5.440 chromoly pushrods

Valve reliefs cut into the stock hemi flat top piston for clearence

3.308 billet rod

308 dyno cam

ARC 6626 or equivalent flywheel

Plate style GX390 adapter and isolator plate (angle mount, please specify if flat mounting is desired)

.009 head gasket as well as other typical gaskets

GX390 (china) carb (this was jetted with .026 low and .046 main jets at testing)

Throttle adapter pictured or equivalent for easy kart style tie in

Plastic or aluminum (depending on availability) gx390 air filter adapter

Broke in and dynoed, shipped with no oil (actual dyno results may vary slightly due to testing condition changes)

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